Our mission is to be a first-class provider of high-quality, innovative, and cost effective logistics and supply chain solutions and to continue to develop our position as a global market leader for all your logistical solutions.

Warehouse Workers


Palladium International  Logistics has a goal-oriented vision that clearly identifies where we’re going and how we’re going to get there... We will meet our client’s demands for personal and professional services by offering innovative supply chain and logistics solutions at good value. To achieve this vision and meet our goals, we proactively and constantly look for new opportunities and innovations. Therefore, an important part of our vision is to attract and retain the best employees and experts in the business.


  • To become a major provider of quality integrated logistics and supply chain solutions in Afghanistan, and to provide quality goods and services.

  • To be a company that is innovative and a leader in identifying and adapting new techniques and technologies for our customers.

  • To provide fully integrated, cost effective facilities & logistics solutions which fully achieve our customer expectations.

  • To retain highly qualified personal, provide for their career development, and promote the growth of our company.

  • To be a company that follows and respects its customers policies and procedures .

  • To be a company that provides economic opportunities for local Afghans and investment in Afghanistan.

  • To be a company that deals effectively and responsibly with mistakes, misunderstandings, or other problems.